Addiction care is delivered in a private, respectful environment using a combination of physician visits, individual counseling, and self-help strategies. Medication* is utilized if the client is a good candidate. Office based, individual therapy includes:

  • Evaluation and treatment by physicians or medical providers with board certification for addiction medicine
  • Evidence-based care following best practice standards including ASAM standards
  • Urine/oral toxicology tests (confirmation testing is available and might include additional costs)
  • One-on-one conversation with medical providers in a private room

The patients we serve are our number one priority at Front Range Clinic. We go to great lengths to make our services accessible to everyone seeking help. Front Range Clinic offers:

  • New patient appointments typically less than a week from initial contact
  • Follow-up appointments and continued care
  • Saturday appointments available (currently in Loveland, CO)
  • In-house counseling and case management services (at select locations)

All patient records are kept on a secure electronic medical records (EMR) system that can be reached from any location. Whether you move from Fort Collins to Denver or from Aurora to Parker, records will follow you. This prevents disruption in care which can be integral to continued treatment.

*Medications may include (but is not guaranteed): Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Vivitrol, Naltrexone, Antabuse, or Campral.