Aside from our standalone clinics, Front Range Clinic has developed partnerships across the state. To eliminate barriers to care, we work closely with community-based programs to provide access and bring treatment to the individual. Front Range Clinic makes great efforts to bring addiction treatment to the people who need it but may be unable to make it to one of our locations. We partner with Colorado based behavioral health organizations, homeless shelters, residential treatment facilities (rehabs), psychiatric facilities, and transitional programs to support the important behavioral changes that often need to be in place for successful long-term recovery. FRC thrives to create a community for you that supports your recovery.

Partnerships include:

  • Mile High Behavioral Health (Denver, CO)
  • Aurora Day Rescue Center (Aurora, CO)
  • Center for Change (Boulder, CO & Longmont, CO)
  • Boulder Bridgehouse (Boulder, CO)
    • Ready to Work (Aurora, CO & Boulder, CO)
    • Path to Home

We have also established relationships with psychiatric facilities that aid in medical detox for those needing a supportive environment where they can detox from substances that have a dangerous withdrawal process such as alcohol and benzodiazapines. Dr. McCoy is the Medical Director for inpatient detox services at Clearview Behavioral Health and Peak View Behavioral Health, and also serves as our Medical Director at Front Range Clinic.

If you are considering inpatient medical detox and meet the appropriate criteria you may qualify for this service.

Please contact Clearview Behavioral Health admitting at 970-461-5061 or visit

Please contact Peak View Behavioral Health admitting at 719-444-8484 or visit