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We are Northern Colorado’s best drug recovery and rehabilitation clinic. While the road to recovery may not be easy, our guidance and medical experience make your addiction-free goals attainable. With the right tools, resources, and a strong system of support you can overcome your alcohol and opioid dependence. Our medical professionals are here to help you permanently and effectively overcome your drug addiction by establishing healthy habits and lifestyles changes so you may life alive free of substance addiction. We pride ourselves on being a team of genuine, compassionate, and understanding health professionals who want to help you succeed. Our drug recovery programs will guide you through the process of rehabilitation.

We Are Committed To Your Success

Whether you or a loved one currently suffers from substance abuse and dependence, we are confident that our recovery programs can help. While recovery may not be an easy feat that will happen overnight, know that our experienced staff is here for you every step of the way. From your first consultation and after your completion of our program, you will always have our support. While you take on the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of recovery, we are here to establish a strong foundation of support to promote your success.

With the help of our knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals, you can overcome your addiction. Our entire clinic is dedicated to you and we will work collaboratively to ensure your full recovery. At Front Range Clinic, we believe in providing you with a compassionate and realistic approach to your every plan. Each individual will receive customized care that is specifically designed to ensure your completion of our program. With our guidance and medical advice, you can work towards a happier and healthier future. Call us today and ask about our drug addiction recovery programs or fill out the contact request form below and one of our patient care representatives will be with you shortly.