Why Choose Us?

At Front Range Clinic, we are Northern Colorado‚Äôs premier rehabilitation clinic. Recovery from drug abuse and addiction is no easy feat, and we take our rehabilitation services seriously. Without the necessary tools, resources, and support, recovery can feel like an unattainable goal. Our rehabilitation medical professionals are here to show you how to overcome your drug addiction and instill healthy habits so you may continue to live a healthy life. Our genuine care and attention to your drug recovery treatment sets us apart as Northern Colorado’s top choice for drug rehabilitation. We are committed to your success.

A Strong Support System

Whether you or a loved one suffers from alcohol addiction or opioid dependence, addiction cannot be fought alone. Your battle is our priority and we believe in treating you with the respect and care that you deserve. While you take on the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of drug addiction recovery, we are here to establish a strong foundation of support so that you will see your goals through to the end.

With the help of knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals, your drug rehabilitation can be made possible. We will work collaboratively as a team to customize a recovery plan specifically for you. At Front Range Clinic, we work as a team so that you have a higher chance of succeeding in your goals. To us, you are more than just someone or something that needs to be treated with substance abuse help. That’s why we believe in providing you with compassionate, understanding, and proactive responses to your story. With our guidance and medical advice, you can work toward a better and healthier future. Ask us today how our drug addiction recovery programs at Front Range Clinic can help you or a loved one. Click here to learn more about our drug rehabilitation services.