Drug Addiction Services & Medication-Assisted Treatment Fort Collins

In response to the COVID – 19 pandemic, Front Range Clinic is open and offering virtual MAT services to all of the state of Colorado.

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Why our treatment is effective

Front Range Clinic combines counseling and behavioral health services
with medication to help you live a happy, functional life.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based treatment for addiction.

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Behavioral Health

Counseling and case management is important to recovery.

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Community Partnerships

Building a recovery community in Colorado.

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Outpatient Services

Office-based, individualized care for addiction treatment.

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Mobile Treatment Unit

Our mobile units will provide treatment to rural areas across Colorado.

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Extensive Clinic Network

An extensive network of clinics throughout Colorado.

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Find recovery at over 20 clinics
in Colorado

Front Range Clinic Network

Front Range Clinic provides addiction treatment to people throughout Colorado.

With locations in Northern Colorado, the Denver area, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Durango, we have created an accessible network of treatment.

Whether you are a new patient or relocating, you can find treatment close to home. Find a location near you!

  • 20+ treatment facilities
  • Mobile therapy units
  • In / out patient treatment therapies
  • Wide insurance coverage
  • Addiction therapy experienced staff

Find the nearest treatment center

Take the first step to full recovery

We know this is a hard journey, but you are not alone.
Front Range Clinic will be your partner in beating your addiction.

We understand how serious addiction is

And our mission is to bring recovery and rehabilitation to as many
patients as possible and help them fully recover to a life beyond addiction.

You are not alone



Americans are receiving treatment for addiction recovery.

Don’t ignore it


of death

Addiction is first cause of death for people under 50 in America.

A better life


Of patients reporting improved quality of life after recovery.